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For the managers of Kuressaare


Tallinna 84, Kuressaare

Raekoja 6, Kuressaare

Luha 2c, Kuressaare

Orissaare mnt 1, Leisi

Kuivastu mnt 30, OrissaareKuivastu sadam

Sõrve mnt 3, Salme


Olerex gas station

Diva parking lot

Behind Kuressaare Hospital

Orissaare mnt 1 parking lot

Orissaare store parking lot

Before the tills

Municipal government parking lot

Lümanda Central Building


Tallinna tn 14

Mooni 2

Uus tn 27

Smuuli tn. 7

Ranna tn 36

Taxi stand/ bus stop

East – next to Niidu Säästumarket

Parking lot

Next to the Smuli skate park

​Tuulte Roosi residential quarter


Selve pesula

Olerexi tankla


Kastani rehviäri

Saare Autex (Fixus)

Meelis Tehno 

Kalevi cross 3

Tallinna 84, Kuressaare

Kibuvitsa st. 10 / Põhja tn. 49

Stream 3

Stable 11

Long 79C/ Long cross 6

24 h

24 h

NB! Payment in cash

Open invoice (ER 8.00-17.00)

Tires (Fri 9.00-18.00, Sat 9.00-15.00)

Repair (Fri 9.00-18.00, Sat 9.30-15.00)

Inspection (Fri 9.00-18.00, Sat 10.00-14.00)

Knopka office supplies in Selver - open invoice in the name of OÜ Osilia Takso

School and office supplies opposite the bus station next to Küti's business - open invoice in the name of OÜ Osilia Takso


The customer buys a ticket for the taxi, the taxi driver and himself (+passengers), if the taxi driver buys a ferry ticket on the company's account, in addition to the taxi fare bill, the money for the ferry ticket must also be requested at the end of the ride.
When returning empty without a customer, you can buy a ferry ticket on the company's account, which will also be borne by the company.

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